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Brad Childes Brad Childes
Board member since 1999.  He has been an active member participating in all our clean-ups.  He and Alan Kilburn designed and made our tire-pullers from welded rebar.  This tool is one of the most useful tools we have.
Judith DeLury Judith DeLury
Member since 2000.  For the first 10 years Judy served as the Secretary.  She is a president.  She has volunteered for every clean-up since becoming a member and is the current webmaster.  She works for the Indiana Department of Health as a GIS Analyst for the Epidemiology Resource Center. 
Bill Evans Bill Evans
Bill has been a board member since 1999.  He is retired and loves to float down the river when given the chance.  He has actively participated in every clean-up since he joined.  His wife Ginny is an active member of Charity's Angels.  Bill is our current President.
John Johnson John Johnson
A founding member of the White River Watchers.  He has volunteered countless hours allowing us access to the White River using his property and his own equipment. 
Kevin Kenyon Kevin Kenyon
Board member since 2002.  Kevin has always lived near rivers and streams and enjoys a quiet float with the current. He works at Ball State University responsible for planning, operations and maintenance of all campus facilities. Kevin lives near Pendleton in an old farm house with an old barn, a bunch of old trees and his forever young wife.  Kevin is a former Vice-President.
Allan Kilburn

Sue Kilburn
Alan & Sue Kilburn
Board members since 1999.  This husband and wife team are also active in their local Boy Scout Troupe activities.  They have participated in Frankton's annual parade winning best float by displaying tires pulled from the river.  (The tires were later recycled!)  A retired auto worker, Alan can be found on the river in a canoe on any given day during the year...weather permitting...pulling tires and debris from the river. 
Keith Morris Keith Morris
One of our newest board members.  Keith moved from Virginia to Anderson in 2009 and immediately volunteered for the White River Watchers.  He voluntarily assists the Anderson City Parks Department mowing several parks free of charge.  He tows our trailer and uses his own truck to haul tires pulled from the river to either Wal-Mart or T & J Tire for recycling or disposal if it is necessary.  He considers himself a professional volunteer.
Sheryl Meyers Sheryl Myers
One of the founding members of the White River Watchers.  She taught science at Highland High School for 31 years and continues to substitute teach.  Sheryl was a naturalist for the Anderson Department of Parks and Recreation and coordinated the Science Kids summer camp in 2010.  She served as a seasonal naturalist at Mounds State Park.  She serves on the Board of Directors for the Red-tail Land Conservancy, a land trust that serves east central Indiana.
Kim Rogers-Hatfield Kim Rogers-Hatfield
One of the founding members of the White River Watchers.  She has been the treasurer since 1998 with one year as president (2004) and will probably remain treasurer for a very long time.  We owe her a great debt of gratitude for all she does keeping the finances in order.  She works for the United Way of Madison County.

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