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The Madison County Soil and Water Conservation is an educational agency dedicated to help the citizens of Madison County conserve and enhance the wise use of our soil, water and other natural resources.  We provide the public with information, education and technical assistance on soil, water and many other related natural resources.  We offer soil and well water testing.  We rent out a no-till drill and tree planter.  We also hold a Fall Tree Sale where in 2011 sold over 1700 trees.  We offer soil quality workshops that offer education on various agricultural conservation methods.  We also participate in Rule 5 and the Madison County Storm Water Quality Partnership.  We have implemented 319 Federal Tax dollars in the Lilly and Little Duck Watersheds and will be applying for the second phase of this funding soon.  If you have questions about our programs you may contact Steve Schmidt or Chanda Hiatt at 765-644-4249.  Our website address is www.madisonswcd.org and you can friend us on Facebook at Madison Cty Swcd.  We are looking forward to the educational opportunities that await us.

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